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God's Road to Financial Freedom

God's Road to Financial Freedom

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Learn How to Achieve Financial Freedom with These Biblical Finance Principles!

Many Christians are aware that God wants them blessed, but they do not understand how to walk in that blessing. For example, the average American household earns $79,000 but faces a staggering $145,000 in debt! Jesus warns us about becoming a slave to money.

However, most people only think about the danger that presents to the wealthy. On the contrary, Jesus knew that worrying about money is a major way people become slaves to it (Matthew 6:24-27.)

Financial freedom gives you the time, resources, and headspace to fully devote yourself to God’s calling for your life. In God's Road to Financial Freedom, MBA and serial entrepreneur Billy Epperhart lays out easy-to-implement, God-given power tools to teach you how to achieve financial freedom, such as:

  • 7 Steps to Financial Freedom
  • How to Budget Using the 80/20 Rule
  • 7 Attitudes You Need to Excel in Building Wealth
  • A glossary with Bible Verses About Money and Biblical Finance Principles

You can eliminate debt, build wealth, and live in the blessings of God!

As far as books on financial freedom go, God's Road to Financial Freedom is comprehensive. It paves the way for you to go from debt-ridden to an active investor by providing tangible steps to financial freedom. This is one of the best financial books for beginners--order yours today!

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