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Money Mastery Devotional

Money Mastery Devotional

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Are you ready to see God move in your finances? The Money Mastery Devotional by Billy Epperhart is a two-week guide to help you align your motivation and mission with God's will for your money. You will learn what the Bible says about money, as well as how to apply your faith to the daily details of your financial journey. With finances as the primary stressor for Christians and pastors, there is a dire need for discipleship around money. Our goal for this two week devotional is to help you discover true financial freedom. We pray that you will come to a fresh revelation of how you can use your money to partner with God and make a difference.

Here is an outline of your 14-day journey in the Money Mastery Devotional:

  1. Surrender
  2. Your Goal
  3. Who Do You Serve?
  4. Contentment
  5. Small Beginnings
  6. Diligence
  7. Miraculous Multiplication
  8. Wisdom Before Wealth
  9. Divine Connections
  10. The Purpose of Wealth
  11. The Law of Returns
  12. Enter Your Land
  13. The Power of Remembrance
  14. Your Kingdom Mission
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