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The Money Mastery Bundle (Digital)

The Money Mastery Bundle (Digital)

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You can destroy debt, reach financial freedom, and make a difference with your money. The digital Money Mastery Bundle includes a Money Mastery e-book and the Complete Money Mastery Collection with 14 video lessons. This content is overflowing with practical, biblical wisdom to help you take the next step in your wealth-building journey. Let Billy Epperhart, financial expert and CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College, coach you on how to master your money. Lessons include:

  • God’s Purpose for Money
  • Seven Steps to Financial Freedom
  • The Debt Snowball
  • 7 Attitudes of Wealthy People
  • Laws of Wealth 
  • Much More!

Are you ready to invest in yourself? The Money Mastery Collection will show you how to manage your money like a pro so you can use your finances to make a lasting impact on your family, community, & world.

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