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Triple X Factor™: The Ultimate Guide to Building Kingdom Wealth (Individual)

Triple X Factor™: The Ultimate Guide to Building Kingdom Wealth (Individual)

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Get ready to dream, build, and give away more wealth than you ever thought possible. 

Your comprehensive, personal plan to build wealth awaits. There is a shortage of  biblically-based, comprehensive teachings on how to build wealth. Sure, people talk about getting out of debt, investing, and building generational wealth, but rarely discuss how the pieces all fit together. Many Christians do not know how to combine their faith and finances, nor are they aware of how many biblical finance principles exist in scripture.

That’s why Billy Epperhart, Founder of WealthBuilders and CEO of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College created The Triple X Factor™: The Ultimate Guide to Building Kingdom Wealth. This 15-lesson video course will give you what you need to clear the chaos and move forward in confidence. 

You will learn:

  • How to create short-term passive income and long-term wealth
  • Biblical keys to stewarding your money God’s way, including 12 indispensable laws of wealth
  • How to leverage your time, money, and knowledge to build wealth more efficiently 
  • Step-by-step guidance on how to move from in debt to financial freedom
  • A roadmap for building generational wealth
  • The principles of Kingdom Finance to help you advance the Kingdom of God in your family, community, and world
  • Groundbreaking strategies to combine philanthropy and investing that maximize your monetary and impact return

In addition, you will gain a comprehensive, personal plan to build generational wealth that you can start applying NOW.

The Triple X Factor™: The Ultimate Guide to Building Kingdom Wealth includes:

  • 15 power-packed lessons
  • An interactive workbook complete with additional resources and reflection questions
  • A 2-week Kingdom Wealth Builder’s Devotional 
  • A dry-erase Triple X Factor™ Chart with markers

If you’re ready to dive into the best way to build wealth and transform your financial future forever, get started with Triple X Factor™ today!

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